Friday, 1 December 2017

2. Architecture

Components are reusable units of the application projects .  Components  appear as nodes within the object list on the left side of the workbench window.

The Components(sub-objects)  of an ABAP programs are :

1. Source Code  :  Instruction written by ABAP programmers that are interpreted by  SAP ABAP                                      language interpreter.
2. Variants   :  Input values that can change but not are frequently used
3. Attributes  :  properties of ABAP program like Program type, title ,created date etc.
4. Documentation  :  helps other programmers to understand program flow.
5.Text Element   :   Short description like  report column heading .

Generally there are two types of ABAP programms .

  •  Reports ( interactive & traditional ) with selection screen  and output screen.
  • Dialogs

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