Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How to create Domain

How to create Domain

step-1: login to sap logon....ane go to Data Dictionary by T-Code ->SE11.

step-2 :  select radio button of Domain and give name .(in SAP objects name must begin with Y or Z)

click on create .....

step-3 :   give short decription.

               give Data Type(you can also choose by pressing f4 key) Here i have taken Character type.

               give size in No. of character field.
               if you want to accept lower case for that  then tick in check box of Lower Case.

step -4 :  now save it (ctrl + s)     in local object..(in your own package you can also save..  this thing you will see later in my blog.)

               check is it right? (ctrl + f2)

               then activate it by pressing (ctrl +f3)



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